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Our solutions

Comprehensive and robust

At Catalyst, we offer a comprehensive package of solutions that ensure your legal operations are supported by robust IT and administrative systems. Our solutions are divided into basic services, a registration platform, communication services, and data analysis/reporting.


Our basic services provide a stable foundation for success.

Establishing IT fundamentals: For ad-hoc special purpose vehicles (SPVs), we set up a core IT infrastructure that meets the unique needs of SPVs, such as domain name management and setting up professional hosting. In this way, we guarantee efficient and secure operation.
Developing corporate identity: Our team helps you develop a professional and consistent corporate identity that consistently reflects the values of your brand, on all online and offline platforms.
Creating an informative website: We build informative, attractive websites as a reliable information platform for your clients and partners. The emphasis is on clarity and user-friendliness.
Hosting in a secure and professional manner: Our hosting services offer maximum uptime, fast loading speeds, and strict security protocols.

Our registration platform: secure and user-friendly

A good, accessible registration is vital for a successful (mass) claim. Our registration platform is designed with security and ease of use in mind.

Step-by-step secure registration: We offer a seamless, step-by-step process so that registrants can confidently register their claims.
Secure uploading of information: Registrants can safely upload their personal documents and data on our platform.
Online signing of documents: Electronic signing is essential to speed up the handling of documents while ensuring legal validity.
Accounts for registrants: Registrants can manage their claims and track statuses via personal, optimally secured accounts.


Maintaining open lines of communication is essential for the satisfaction of your clients. Therefore, we offer the following services in the field of communication.

Newsletter support: Electronic newsletters are a good way to inform clients and rights holders. Therefore, we provide convenient tools for creating and distributing professional-looking mailings.
Backoffice support by email: Our team manages your email communication and ensures that inquiries are answered promptly and professionally.
Phone support by voicemail: Our voicemail system ensures that every call is quickly answered.

Data analysis and reporting

Our advanced analysis tools and services provide valuable insights for optimizing your business processes.

Convenient damage calculators: Our time-saving tools for quickly assessing damage claims increase efficiency and reduce errors.
Effective databases: We create robust, secure, and optimized databases for easy data retrieval and analysis.
Automated reporting: Our automatically generated reports help monitor statistics and ensure that you can make well-founded decisions quickly.

At Catalyst Collective Redress Services, we understand the complexity of managing collective actions like no other. Our solutions are designed to enable legal professionals to focus on their core work while we handle all technical and administrative aspects in the background. Contact us to set up a system that seamlessly integrates with your legal processes.