Emergency Administrative Effort ™

Emergency Administrative Effort ™

Up to 2.000 hours in a single weekend. Your problems could be solved Monday morning!

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Up to 2.000 hours in a single weekend. Your problems could be solved Monday morning!

The reality of legal work: a combination of digital and traditional

With smart digital solutions, we can take a lot of work off your hands. However, not all aspects of legal work can be digitized. Despite technological advancements, paperwork and certain precise administrative tasks remain essential. There will always be elements of legal work that require a reliable hands-on approach – whether it's checking and sorting physical documents or manually processing sensitive information, with all the compliance requirements that entails.

At Catalyst, we understand this. We provide efficiency in the process where possible, while at the same time respecting the traditional legal craftsmanship – with all its unpredictability, last-minute deadlines, and old-fashioned manual work.

Unlimited deployment of administrative hours

Enter: our Emergency Administrative Effort™, a smart method to provide extensive administrative support for unavoidable tasks – even under great time pressure. Is there a request on Friday requiring hundreds or perhaps thousands of forms to be checked and validated by Monday? Is the mailbox overflowing, with hundreds of emails waiting to be processed? Or has a database crashed and needs to be urgently restored? We are equipped to tackle these kinds of administrative challenges directly, even within the tightest timeframes. Two thousand hours of support in one weekend? We arrange it from our large network and our reliable partnerships.

Customized administrative services on demand

Every case is different, every legal procedure has its own dynamics. Therefore, we always tailor our services to perfectly fit the specific needs of your legal organization.

Number of hours: From 0 to 2,000 hours, the Emergency Administrative Effort method is highly scalable. This allows us to meet your administrative needs almost always, even up to 2,000 man-hours in a short time frame.
Urgency of the task: Whether it's a deadline several months away or an urgent requirement for Monday morning: we are maximally flexible and quickly adapt to your timeline.
Data sensitivity: From non-identifiable standard information to highly sensitive personal data: we handle all levels of data sensitivity with utmost care.
Complexity of tasks: Our team is equipped to manage tasks ranging from the simple and straightforward to those requiring specialized training and skills

Catalyst understands the demands of the legal field like no other and is equipped to handle every administrative project accurately and adeptly. This way, you can focus on what you do best.

How do we achieve this?

Administrative projects up to 2,000 man-hours in a short time: we handle them with ease. How is Catalyst able to deal with such large volumes?

Strategic Partnerships: Thanks to our partnerships, we have quick and direct access to a large pool of skilled, reliable professionals.
Scalable staffing: The Emergency Administrative Effort method is highly scalable. This flexibility enables us to operate 24/7, with three shifts of eight hours each, from Monday to Sunday, every hour of the day – until the job is completed to satisfaction.
Extensive experience: Over the years, we have gained extensive experience with large-scale administrative projects. This means we know exactly what is required and can respond quickly and effectively to changing circumstances.
Centralized staffing: Each team member works from our own office. This cohesive work environment promotes communication and thus improves efficiency.
Modular office space: Where necessary, we can quickly expand our office space to properly accommodate the required people for each project. Because space should never be a limitation.

These strategic advantages enable us to deliver administrative efforts under pressure with unparalleled efficiency. As a result, we meet even the strictest deadline – without compromising on quality.

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